N's Pokémon

Posted March 31, 2024

After wandering around trying to catch N’s Pokémon in Black 2 in the wrong location for 30+ minutes, I want to tell you where they are specifically, so you don’t make the same mistake!

Making N’s Pokémon Available

N’s Pokémon are a remarkably obtuse post-game mechanic in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. First, you need two DS systems (or a DS and a 3DS, any combination that will play Black 2 and White 2). You need a copy of Pokémon Black or White (the first ones) that has defeated N and Ghetsis in the story.

Previously you could do this with one console by using Game Sync, but since that system shut down many years ago, two DS systems are the way to go. I love it when a developer supports their customers with offline options! Those are always the ones that will keep working in the long run.

Boot up both games (one of the first ones, so Black or White, and one of the second ones, so Black 2 or White 2) and use Unova Link from the main menu, Memory Link specifically. This will connect the games and unlock some content in Black 2 or White 2 based on your progress in Black or White. (That’s why you had to have beaten N and Ghetsis.)

Another multi-DS occasion

Now, in Black 2 or White 2 go to Aspertia City Pokémon Center and speak to the Breeder. A short cutscene will play, showing N releasing his Pokémon. (He’ll also namecheck your character from the previous game, which is pretty cool!)

Congratulations, N’s Pokémon are now available to be caught in your game!

There are 14 of them and they appear in a series of locations around Unova. They have a 1% encounter rate when you’re in the right location for them to show up. So you need to walk around in the grass/sand/whatever in the locations they appear, encountering normal wild Pokémon along the way, but with a small chance to encounter N’s Pokémon instead.

But where are they? Image from Bulbapedia

But where are they? There are 5 different locations, and 3 of them have ambiguities I want to tell you about. (I’ll also tell you about the other 2, for completeness sake, so this page somewhat stands alone.)

Also, if you knock them out or run, don’t worry. They just remain available in the area until captured.

Desert Resort

5 of N’s Pokémon are here: Sandile, Darumaka, Darmanitan, Scraggy, and Sigilyph.

Sandile Darumaka Darmanitan Scraggy Sigilyph

They are in the Desert Resort. But wait! This is the one I did wrong. Despite the UI popping up in the top left corner of the screen and saying “Desert Resort”, the “Entrance” area does not have N’s Pokémon in it!

Very sneaky, Desert Resort. Image from Bulbapedia

You have to actually go inside the full resort itself. The entrance is in the top left of the above image. So make sure you’re wandering around in the sand inside the resort, not in the entrance!

Also, N’s Pokémon are level 22 or higher here and all the wild Pokémon only go up to level 21. If you have a lead Pokémon at exactly level 22 and use a Max Repel, you’ll only be able to encounter N’s Pokémon, which is much faster. Unfortunately this is the only location that N’s Pokémon appear where they’re higher level than all wild Pokémon.

Pinwheel Forest

3 of N’s Pokémon are here: Pidove, Timburr, and Tympole.

Pidove Timburr Tympole

So you thought you’d learned your lesson at the Desert Resort, right? Always go inside the location if it has an interior and exterior route? Well then you’d be mistaken! It’s the opposite this time - N’s Pokémon are outside in the area with the pools of water and the train tracks!

May look different in other seasons (this is summer). Image from Bulbapedia

This does make some sense, as N appears to be releasing his Pokémon (regardless of level) into places where they would otherwise be native, and therefore could find a good home. You’ll see their evolutions, wild Tranquill, Gurdurr, and Palpitoad, in the outside section of Pinwheel Forest.

Despite being a water type, Tympole does indeed appear in the grass, like Palpitoad does. So don’t worry about needing to Surf around to find it.

Wellspring Cave

Much easier one this time, but still worth clarifying. Only 1 of N’s Pokémon is present in Wellspring Cave: Woobat.

Look at him

If, like me, you arrived at the cave without Flash available on your team and wondered “Do I need to wander around in the deeper, dark level to find Woobat?”. No, you do not. Woobat can appear on the top floor where you don’t need Flash.

Route 2

Another location with a single of N’s Pokémon: Purrloin.

Have you heard about the controversy where it stands up?

No ambiguities here that I encountered - just wander around the grass for long enough.

Chargestone Cave

4 of N’s Pokémon make their home here: Boldore, Joltik, Ferroseed, and Klink.

Boldore Joltik Ferroseed Klink

Like Route 2, I didn’t run into any particular ambiguity. They can all be found on the same floor.

N’s Pokémon

Congratulations, you have found all of N’s Pokémon! That probably took a while, but that N OT makes them unique!

And have I mentioned that there’s a fan theory that N is a Pokémon? (Usually a Zoroark.) So now you have some Pokémon’s Pokémon.