The Twelfth Hour

Posted April 09, 2024

Yesterday, Nintendo shut down the 3DS online services. They said that Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter were going to continue working, but I was concerned there might be some interruption during the shutdown. Pleasantly, that doesn’t seem to have been the case, and Bank was all working fine for me today (April 9th, 2024).

I normally post these blog posts on Sundays, but I figured the above was worthy of an out-of-band update!

The major implication of Bank continuing to work (as expected) is that I’m not done! I mentioned before why my recent rush was an eleventh hour exercise to complete as much Pokémon as possible and get them forward into Home before the shutdown.

Well, now the twelfth hour begins! I got a lot of Pokémon into Home on Sunday, but there are many more still to go! And many more interesting facts for me to discover along the way!

I even discovered a new one on Sunday for a future post.

Sneak peek

And I also managed to finish the Bank Pokédex on Friday last week - all 807 Pokémon that Bank supports, including numerous event mythicals and many legendaries from across many games and many years in the past to reach that milestone!

And I bought a Master Ball to commemorate the occasion