Trading with Jasmine

Posted April 14, 2024

One, tiny factoid for you today. When trading for Jasmine’s Steelix (named Rusty) in Heart Gold & Soul Silver, you have to talk to her twice after you’ve fulfilled all the conditions.

The gym leader rematch system is pretty great. And it’s fairly elaborate - relying on real world time. (And all done after beating the game.) For Jasmine, you have to catch her at the Olivine Dining Room café between 1 and 2pm (real time) to get her PokéGear number.

Then you have to call her on Wednesday afternoon (10am to 7:59pm - yes afternoon starts before noon) to arrange a rematch. Once you do that you have to battle her at the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City. (Her team will be levels 50-62.)

You can organize a lot of gym leader rematches. Image from Serebii

And finally! Once you have won the match, you go and talk to her again, back at her gym in Olivine City. And she says:

Wait, there is a trade

And then stops.

I was, very briefly, very confused. I had done all the things I’d read online to trade for her Steelix! But she is characterized as being very shy. So just in case, I talked to her again. And then we could do the trade!